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дата часов Погода Мин влажность ветер
02/12/2023218°C83%7 km/h
02/12/2023227°C85%6 km/h
02/12/2023237°C84%5 km/h
03/12/2023007°C82%6 km/h
03/12/2023017°C81%7 km/h
03/12/2023027°C83%9 km/h
03/12/2023036°C83%9 km/h
03/12/2023046°C82%9 km/h
03/12/2023056°C77%9 km/h
03/12/2023067°C71%8 km/h
03/12/2023076°C68%7 km/h
03/12/2023086°C69%6 km/h
03/12/2023096°C67%6 km/h
03/12/2023106°C64%7 km/h
03/12/2023117°C62%6 km/h
03/12/2023127°C56%5 km/h
03/12/2023137°C52%5 km/h
03/12/2023147°C51%4 km/h
03/12/2023157°C51%4 km/h
03/12/2023167°C53%3 km/h
03/12/2023176°C54%3 km/h
03/12/2023186°C55%3 km/h
03/12/2023196°C56%3 km/h
03/12/2023206°C59%4 km/h
03/12/2023216°C63%4 km/h
03/12/2023225°C69%5 km/h
03/12/2023234°C71%5 km/h
04/12/2023004°C70%5 km/h
04/12/2023014°C70%4 km/h
04/12/2023023°C68%4 km/h
04/12/2023033°C65%4 km/h
04/12/2023043°C64%4 km/h
04/12/2023053°C64%4 km/h
04/12/2023063°C64%4 km/h
04/12/2023073°C63%4 km/h
04/12/2023083°C62%4 km/h
04/12/2023093°C61%4 km/h
04/12/2023104°C57%3 km/h
04/12/2023114°C55%2 km/h
04/12/2023125°C54%2 km/h
04/12/2023135°C54%2 km/h
04/12/2023145°C56%2 km/h
04/12/2023155°C58%2 km/h
04/12/2023165°C58%1 km/h
04/12/2023175°C57%1 km/h
04/12/2023185°C58%1 km/h
04/12/2023195°C61%2 km/h
04/12/2023205°C63%1 km/h